BDI Class Session Overview

Class Session Overview

In all classes, students will be engaged in a fast-paced, action-packed, learning environment. The whole idea is to inspire future leaders and young entrepreneurs. 

The BDI Business Development Curriculum will be used to meet educational standards, math, social studies, language arts, economics, and other business-related subjects. 

This curriculum, for all beginning entrepreneurs, is in accord with the national standards for entrepreneurship education set by the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education.

BDI Students Objectives

1. Develop overall character skills
2. Take charge of the future
3. Become a job-maker instead of a job-taker
4. Recognize a money-making opportunity
5. Estimate start-up costs and operating expenses
6. Write a real introductory business plan
7. Design marketing materials and ads
8. Set up a record-keeping system
9. Deliver a sales presentation
10. Start and operate a business